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We have chosen for you four festival that you should not miss in August. The happy hour time is over, so let real foodie inside you out!

August has just started and beware:

Aren’t you tired of eating fish and salads?

Aren’t you sick of seeing yourself in such fantastic shape?

Aren’t you tired of eating light and healthy things? «I just want to eat healthy food, healthy, healthy» …



Manifesto Pro Food Festivals. Foodies all around the world, let’s unite!

  1. If you also feel the need to let a little regurgitation out while you’re sitting on lacquered wooden benches
  2. if you want to sweat like a bulldog because your liver is finally working correctly after teeny-tiny portions of sushi and sad sea salads
  3. if your soul feels the need to go back to the small Italian province where it actually belongs

well, if you feel the need for all of this, then you have to participate in one of the following festivals!

Snail festival

August 10

Graffignano, Viterbo

If you go in Graffignano on August 10, you will find the Snail Festival. In fact, Graffignano is one of the 20 “Cities of the Snails” in Italy. Fried, stewed or with sauce, in August, snails are eaten in many different ways. So, a tip, trust me: one day in Graffignano, snail festival, save the date.

Bull Festival

August 11-19

Corgnolo of Porpetto (UD) • Friuli Venezia Giulia region

The Bull Festival of Porpetto can be found on page 1 of the book “Food Festival able to split your liver,” written by Big Steak and Wimpy. Many 4-quintals bulls are browned in 8 evenings among bonfires that make the atmosphere infernal in the middle of August. The meat is roasted on a spit (the main cooking method used during the festival), stewed or grilled. They do not use to fry the testicles like in Roman cuisine. Too bad, but even this way (with 8 evenings consecrated to the bull’s meat), your foodie soul is going to be pleased.

Fëta du Teteun

August 17-19

Gignod (AO) • Aosta Valley

Fëta = Feast; Teteun = tits. So, from August 17 to 19 in Gignod, Aosta Valley, there will take place the big tits feast. Of cow, though. And, to be even clearer, we are talking about the animal, of course.
Well, to obtain the teteun you need to brine the bovine udders. The specialty is served boiled, with green sauce and jams, or it can be cut into slices. Its preparation is quite simple: the breasts are carved and hung so that the remaining milk can flow. Then they are dissected and placed in containers to create various layers separated by salt and spices (sage, bay leaf, rosemary, juniper berries, etc.). However, if you do not trust the “big tits,” the festival offers other specialties (strictly fat and gravy) and a grand finale with music and dancing. Do not miss the election of Miss Teteun. In this case, yes, we are talking about a well-endowed woman, and therefore human breasts.

Frog Festival 

August 23-26

Pedemonte – Berbenno of Valtellina (SO)

Pedemonte, a town of “maia rani” (frog-eater). No, they are not Lovecraft characters and settings, even if a “frog eater” population can be disturbing. The 500 inhabitants of Pedemonte in Valtellina, however, are known in the valley for eating amphibians. The area where the village is located has always been inclined to similar meal since it is quite swampy. And it’s here that the feast was born, three days in which the ‘slimy amphibians’ are eaten stewed, fried and grilled. The meat is white, and perhaps for us that we want to sweat and burp, a dish of frogs is a little bit too light …


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