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Who said that in September there are no more food festivals? Here for you: The Parma Ham Festival and the Finger Food Festival

Parma Ham Festival

September 1-9 Langhirano, Parma

Andrea Berton for the Parma Ham Festival

Andrea Berton will inaugurate the 21st edition of the Parma Ham Festival in Langhirano, a small village in the Parma area. Chef Davide Oldani will also be there on the first day of the festival, and on the same day, there will be the concert of the singer, Ermal Meta. Then it will start the real carousel of tastings, tours, and workshops in the various ham factories from Parma to Langhirano itself and beyond. The king of hams will be in sweet company thanks to some special pairings: Colli di Parma Malvasia DOC wine, Parma Ribbed Tomatoes, and buffalo mozzarella.
Moreover, it will go on with the quality mixology of the bartenders of the Parma Ham Bistro. Are you wondering how are you going to digest all this? Sport is the answer, with bike routes that will cross all the major production areas of the legendary ham. It closes definitively on September 15th and 16th with the ‘Finestre Aperte‘ (Open Doors) initiative, a tour that will allow you to assist and watch the production cycle of the noble dry-cured meat.

Finger Food Festival

Forlì, Bologna, and Pesaro

The Finger Food Festival

Started in Parma on March during gloomy afternoons, is about to finish the long Italian tour of the Finger Food Festival. Unfortunately (or luckily, if you are one of those who has decided to lay off food trucks, music, and craft beer), the dates of Forlì, Bologna, and Pesaro will be the last for this year. Forlì will start on September the 7th to close its doors on the 9th. In Bologna, the food circus made of trucks and vans with coal and grill will remain in Parco Della Zucca from September 13 to 16. The event in Pesaro closes the year of the Finger Food Festival (21-24 September). Live music and Dj Set will be the perfect background of these evenings.





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