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On the occasion of International Hamburger Day, here are some interesting facts and numbers about one of the most popular dishes in the world

Today, May 28, the International Hamburger Day is celebrated all over the world, and in Sydney, the McDonald’s have been literally stormed: the company had decided to offer 250,000 “Quarter Pounder.” To honor one of the most famous dishes in the world, the only one able to compete with the very Italian pizza and ice cream, foodiestrip has decided to select for you 6 fun facts about an American icon …

1. The origins of the hamburger

Although the burger is a symbol of the USA, the origin of the dish is far away. Distant and debated. The name recalls the German city of Hamburg, from which the most famous sandwich in the world embarked to reach America. First, however, it seems that people ate it in Ancient Egypt, while in Europe, it was brought from the East. The Mongols and, even earlier, the Huns created the hamburger ancestor. On their tarpan, wild horses capable of galloping for 100 km a day, the Mongols kept the meat cut into small pieces under the saddle, and it came out flattened and heated, ready to be eaten in medallions. It is a fascinating hypothesis, but who knows how close it is to historical reality. The fact is that the first real American hamburger is dated 1873: it was cooked by Charles Ranhofer for his Delmonico’s restaurant in New York.

2. Consumption of hamburgers in Italy

According to a study carried out by Doxa, one Italian out of three said they eat burgers at least once a day. 80%, on the other hand, say they eat it at least once a month.

3. The power of fake meat

Beyond meat is a company that invented the hamburger without meat. Listed on the stock exchange, the company has grown by 163% (May 2019). Estimated at 1.5 billion dollars on its entry into the stock market, it reached 3.4 billion in a single trading day. The power of fake meat (we’ll see how long it lasts).

4. The most expensive hamburger

The most expensive hamburger in the world is in Las Vegas. Made of Kobe meat, seasoned with foie gras and truffle, it can be tasted for 1400 euros.

5. McDonald’s mind-boggling numbers

The McDonald’s fast-food chain turns over 43 billion dollars, a figure that makes the American company the 90th economy in the world. The employees are 761,000 and 1 American out of 8 has worked at least once for the US company (including Sharon Stone and Pink). 75 McDonald’s hamburgers are sold every second, while daily the chain has 68 million customers (1% of the world population). According to American research, the company logo is recognized by 88% of Americans; the cross, on the other hand, is associated with Christianity only for 54% of those interviewed.

6. Big Mac index

Since 1986, the Economist calculates the so-called Big Mac index, useful for assessing the purchasing power of currencies. Therefore, annually it emerges which are the undervalued currencies and which are the overestimated ones. All by comparing the costs of a hamburger.

Today it seems that the hamburger makes everyone happy, from vegan to carnivore with various tasty recipes ranging from the traditional flavor to the more “exotic.”

“Thinking of the hamburger as a non-culture, a non-identity is a severe error of perspective. The hamburger has, on a symbolic level, a far broader cultural depth that at first glance, does not appear. After all, the hamburger is never the same. …The sauce is not the same everywhere. The relationship between sweet and savory changes from one country to another. The uniformity of taste does not exclude variations, and this means that even the hamburger cannot ignore the local identities. Today it is also forced to coexist with vegetarian offers”.

Prof. Massimo Montanari,  “Let the meatball rest, and other stories about food and culture”.



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