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foodiestrip presents 4 gastronomic events in March (London, Dublin, Milan and Val di Fiemme) that will lead us to the end of this long winter

Hotelympia – London (March 5-8, 2018)

Hotelympia – The Future of Hospitality is one the UK’s largest food service and hospitality fair. This year 26,000 people are expected to visit it, and there will be more 750 suppliers. The market will also be the stage of The World Food Innovation Awards, a prize to reward the excellence and the innovation in the food industry. The winners will be announced on March the 7th.
The fair is also the chance to take part in many workshops and seminars.

Alltech Craft brews & food fair – Dublin (March 8-10, 2018)

Saint Patrick’s day is not far, so if you’re planning to visit Dublin to celebrate this feast as Irish people do, don’t miss the Craft brews & food fair (Convention Center Dublin) for three days of fun, food, and great brews. More than 400 of the best beers, ciders, and distillates from Ireland but not only.

Live Wine – Salone Internazionale del Vino Artigianale – Milan (March 3-8, 2018)

What is special about this fair? It’s the artisanal wine of course. So it is about wine that comes from a vineyard that has not been treated with any synthetic or chemical products, and it has been produced and bottled by those who personally follow every step of its production.
A market fair for foodies and wine producers from all over Europe organized in partnership with Vini di Vignaioli-Vins de Vignerons and AIS – Associazione Italiana Sommelier Lombardia. The fair of the artisanal wine is a special event with seminars and thematic wine tastings and more than 150 wine producers.

Dolomiti Food Jazz – Val di Fiemme (March 10-17, 2018)

An unmissable gastronomic event for skiing and jazz lovers. Dolomiti Food Jazz will be the background of the 21st edition of the Dolomites Ski Jazz. 60 artists will perform in mountain huts and restaurants in Val di Fiemme, and 10 chefs will prepare delicacies accompanied by beers, cheeses, and farm-to-table wines.

Dolomiti Food Jazz



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