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The 87th edition of the International Alba white Truffle fair will give you the chance to enjoy products and atmosphere of a blessed place

There is the perfect event: the 87th edition International Alba white Truffle fair. The fair started on October the 7th and will end on November the 26th, this is the perfect time to enjoy these tastes and this atmosphere.

Alba is the white truffle capital and also the most important BarberaNebbiolo and Dolcetto d’Alba production center, known as some of the best Italian wines. The fair celebrates both through a month and a half of events.

The first edition took place in 1929. The event reached a really important dimension, and it is now an international point of reference for the market truffle.

There are many initiatives spread over the weekends, to have a look at the program of the fair you only need to click here.

The Alba white Truffle fair is a good reason to visit the Langhe and the Roaro to feel the history of a city that has always been characterized by an independent and rebel spirit.

Founded during the roman age, Alba has been Republic two times. The first one during the Napoleon war, while the second one was in 1944 when the city was a free Republic resisting the Nazi-Fascism occupation (the writer Beppe Fenoglio, who was born in Alba, took part to it and he wrote “The Twenty-Three Days of the City of Alba”).

To the war and gastronomical history, Alba adds its landscape and architectural beauties. The International Alba white Truffle fair is as well a way to enjoy the territory which has a deep cultural wealth.

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