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The eating habits have multiplied in recent years. Here are 10 of the most curious dietary habits

The economic well-being and a higher sensitivity towards everything that man can freely dispose of (the environment and other animal species) are multiplying their attention towards the choice of food styles.

These choices are strictly personal, and their causes range from physical well-being to ethical-moral self-imposition, from exoticism to the aspiration of belonging to the glamorous circle of the Hollywood stars.

However, what are the most popular food styles or eating habits?

They are endless. We have chosen 10, divided into macro-areas, precisely because further small subdivisions will concern them.

Let’s start with the most recently debated style:



Vegetarians are a group that has always existed. Pythagoras was a vegetarian, and the custom of eating only vegetables is a food style that also belongs to many religious sects (let’s think about Hinduism, the oldest of Asian religions)


The vegans belong to the most intransigent wing of vegetarianism. If vegetarians accept animal products such as eggs, milk, and cheese, vegans refuse to use them. They are the anti-species par excellence and believe that humanity has imposed its domination over the earth with the violence and the surplus value produced by the beasts

Within the macro-area of vegetarians, there are also lacto-vegetarians (they only consume dairy products among the animal products), ovo-vegetarians (they eat eggs), the pescatarians (they eat fish)


They live chiefly on seasonal fruit. Fruitalians, on the other hand, also eat vegetables, both raw and cooked, while symbiotic fruitarians only eat fruit that falls from trees, because they don’t want to interfere with nature and therefore use violence to the plant.


Created by the Japanese doctor Sakurazawa, the macrobiotic diet takes inspiration from the Buddhist principles of the balance between Ying and Yang. The main dishes are unrefined cereals, some vegetables, some roots, and algae.

Raw foodism

Basically, the raw foodies are those vegetarians who do not cook the vegetables and legumes they eat. Lately, however, many omnivores are embracing this eating habit.


Most of humankind, like the monkey, is omnivorous. It has been an enormous advantage for the development of the species. Today, however, eating everything for some people seems to be an abuse of power that the welfare has made superfluous

Smoothie lovers

Smoothie means beauty! Therefore, go with depurative, nutrient, slimming and miraculous juices. The pioneers? Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton



No, we are not talking about barbecue and asado lovers or to the entire Argentine people (by the way, I met a vegetarian Argentinian: he ate an amatriciana -pasta with eggs and bacon- without realizing that there was meat: obviously the taste of the ‘meat’ is too familiar, and they do not notice it anymore). In fact, only carnivores were born, like the meatatarians in the USA who, to fight the decline in cattle breeding, according to them that’s all vegetarianism fault, have decided to eat only meat.

Dukan diet

The surreal definitions start here. They follow the nutritionist (struck off the medical register) Pierre Dukan, who recommends eating only eggs, meat and fish if you want to lose weight. The diet causes diabetes and kidney disease, but at the end of the story who cares…! Penelope Cruz, Kate Middletone Nicole Kidman guaranteed it!


A bit like the VB6s (vegans until 6.00 pm) are either veggie-timers or if preferred, part-time carnivores.


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