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The 2018 Michelin Guide has been released yesterday. Among the news in the list, the Italian chef, Carlo Cracco has lost a star for his “Cracco” that has just changed his location in Milan

For a star on the world’s most famous culinary guide, some people would give up their own arm (and no metaphor needed, many people argue more than necessary to change the high-cuisine quality for marketing purposes).

The new 2018 Michelin guide in Italy was released yesterday in Parma, and there is much news concerning Italian restaurants.

The thing that impresses the most is for sure the critics’ decision to downgrade Carlo Cracco’s restaurant “Cracco.” He is really popular in Italy thanks to many TV programs.

Cracco‘s reaction was composed, and during an interview with the Italian newspaper Repubblica he said: “My staff and I are really serene. In the case of major changing, the guide decides to leave or suspend the stars. We are working hard to new projects, and we can’t wait to welcome our guests to the location in Milan in January”.

His restaurant will move soon from its old location, and usually, the Michelin Guide avoids that the new business could inherit the stars of an old one.

In the 2018 list has happened only 4 times, while the other restaurant losing a star for the next year is Claudio Sadler’s “Sadler” (who accepted the decision also very well and he preferred to express his feelings on Instagram).

But the 2018 edition brought good news as well, it’s the case of Norbert Niederkofler’s St.Hubertus in S.Cassiano that for the 9th time has been awarded three stars.

With 9 “3 stars”, Italy has almost the 10% of restaurant that “worth a special journey” and with 26 new stars 356 businesses have been awarded in Italy.

Italy has the second place in this exclusive list and comes just after the Michelin Guide‘s creator, France, where the starred restaurants are 600.



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