Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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foodiestrip chose 8 dishes for your Sunday meal. Only if you can live at least for one Sunday like a sultan

Catherine de Medici, French queen, brought with her from Florence the omelette, the béchamel sauce and the duck à l’orange. She also introduced the onion soup and the fork. She brought as well the stuffed peacock with three pounds of truffle, but this tradition, on the contrary, was lost: the dish was tremendously expensive. Taking as an example Catherine and her rich retinue, here you will find some of the most expensive preparations, foods and ingredients.



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Barbara Ficetola
My name is Barbara and I live for the arts. Before I attended the art school and then Fine Arts Academy in Florence. Oh, let me tell your a legend. Try to picture a girl before exposing her graduation thesis. An inattentive examination board as the professor that followed the progression of the thesis. Then this girl starts to talk: she talks about the arts and how to let it feel to blind people at the “Francesco Cavazza Institute”, in Bologna. The visual art par excellence at one side and to the other side who cannot enjoy it. The legend says that the blind people could see and the inattentive professor cried. Strange stories and legends. No future. No past. But they leave visions of the world. Now I give my artistic vision to foodiestrip. And I swear, I will never talk about future, past or legends anymore.