Saturday, April 20, 2019
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It's Saturday morning. Nobody reads anything online on Saturday morning. Except those people who have drunk too much yesterday and today have a bad hangover. Here are for you the remedies you were looking for

Everyone fights the hangover as he can. Lots of medicines and food. Somebody would prefer Maalox and beer, Fanta and Aulin, or simply, there is also who makes a virtue out of necessity.

On the other hand, try to fight the headache when you wanted to be bold – and completely drunk – you said «yep, let’s go» to that friend proposing you to end the night in a city near the beach, and now you are on a sun lounger, it’s dawn, and your painkiller is 200km away from you, on your bedside table. (OK, let’s read this sentence all over again, maybe you wanted it to be longer and confused. Well, it is indeed a little bit, but try to keep calm when you remember things like that. And then, yes, if you have a hangover, you should suffer a little bit. So next time you’re gonna think twice before to get drunk!).

No more talk, the headache is driving you crazy, and here are the cures you were waiting for:


Yes, vodka. From the Zapoj’s country (a roaring, liturgical drunk that lasts for days and meanwhile, in an unconscious condition, your travel through the great Mother Russia) you can’t expect more than that. Apart from the fact that according to Russian people you cannot have a headache or nausea if the night before you only had dry vodka, if you have a sensitive liver, drink another 100 grams of vodka. Or, a sip of pickled cucumbers and you are ready to go.


The “soup against the hangover” is made of coagulated ox blood, cabbage, cow bones, pork vertebrae, and vegetables. Korean people love it and is also sold on the streets. Anything but the trendy street food that we are used to!


Another very light Turkish dish, the kokorec is made of lamb entrails, tomato, thyme, and pepper, all served on a slice of toasted bread. Variations may include lungs rather than the heart, kidneys or liver.


Shijimi soup (mollusks and clams), raw eggs, miso or umeboshi soup: here are the most popular remedies in Japan for sake hangovers.

Prairie Oyster

You can find eggs also in this Anglo-Saxon preparation that can bring dead people back to life: beaten egg, Worcester sauce, Tabasco, salt and black pepper. Well, if you didn’t feel sick because of the hangover yet, here’s what is going to help you.


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