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Less than a month for the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day, foodiestrip recommends some of the best restaurants where to bring your partner for a special dinner

Ok, all right, you don’t like the rhetoric of Valentine’s Day as a day to be dedicated to love. But maybe you like the idea of an evening with your sweetheart, or not? So, if you do not want to think about love on February 14, there are other days. The ideas, on the other hand, remain the same and the atmosphere is everything. Here, then, some of the most romantic restaurants in Rome, chosen for location, attention to details and service. You will also find two cheaper options among them. On the other hand, who has said that for a romantic evening for two you have to spend like crazy?

Roman restaurants for a romantic evening spending a little bit more than usual

Palmerie Parioli

Two floors, tropical garden, and terrace for a restaurant that recalls, in the setting, colors and Berber materials. The cuisine is international and represents a perfect mix between oriental (Japanese and Chinese) and western. There is a selection of gourmet burgers. The refinement is also in the cellar, with a superb wine list. It is a perfect place to enjoy a soft atmosphere and a light dinner.

Terrazza Borromini 

Perfect set for Sorrentino’s Great Beauty, Terrazza Borromini illuminates an incredibly ethereal and perfect Rome. The restaurant seems designed to stop moments to remember “till death do us part.” From the terrace, you can enjoy a similar view of the Eternal City as the restaurant is located on the fifth floor of Palazzo Pamphilj, just above Piazza Navona. Raise the hand who has not dreamed of a similar place for a loving confession …

The Corner Marco Martini

The Art Nouveau veranda of “The Corner Marco Martini” is located a few steps away from the Colosseum and its chef, Martini, has already been awarded by the Michelin Star. You can live the starred kitchen in an ivy-scented pergola, in which the velvet of the sofas is skillfully alternated with the wrought iron of the structures. Even the cocktails should not be underestimated, for a pre-dinner declaration of love.

Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari

On the top floor of The First Art Luxury Hotel, there is the fish bar where you can enjoy the best view of Rome. The Acquaroof, with a terrace overlooking the mother of Western culture: Rome. The cocktail list is peculiar while the fish creations are always original and curated by Angelo Troiani.

The Attico Bistrot

Another view for another refined restaurant. It is the Attico Bistrot, located on the top floor of the Hotel Capo d’Africa. We are in the historical center of Rome, next to the Basilica of the Santi Quattro Coronati (one of the few Roman churches that still enjoys an external Romanesque architecture). The chef is Erio Ivaldi, and the location is simple, fresh and clean, to enhance the wonder of the surroundings. The view, the pastel and warm colors, and the light sources make the Attico Bistrot a hyper-romantic setting.

Cheaper Roman restaurants where to spend a romantic evening

Of course, the restaurants, fish bars and bistros we talked about are all rather expensive. In fact, such views come inevitably with a price. Yet, in Rome, there are equally romantic places that will allow you to experience a special Valentine’s Day with your partner without spending a fortune.

Here are two examples:

692 – Osteria & Baretto

A candlelight dinner or a cocktail near a Roman aqueduct and inside a fairytale garden, it is something possible. Just go to 692 – Osteria and Baretto in via Tuscolana. The place is beautiful, and the price for two people for dinner is around 50 euros.

Lo Zodiaco

60 euros for 2 people, Lo Zodiaco restaurant will allow you to enjoy a nice and relaxed atmosphere, ideal for the romantic evening of February 14. Moreover, the view, even if it does not exalt the domes of the Pope’s city because of the distance, has an incredible charm, especially at night.

In conclusion

So, Valentine’s Day over the years has become a consumeristic day, and it is natural that many people reject it and prefer to celebrate with their partner on other days. However, sooner or later we all want to offer to the person we love a special evening, romantic and sentimental, in which we can really feel close to the other, as, especially in a fast and virtual world it has become increasingly complex. So, welcome February 14, Valentine’s Day or any other date and occasion that you will choose to experience a romantic evening. Rome, finally, is one of the most beautiful cities in which to spend a similar day. And finally, best wishes for your dinner and let us know how it went and if you have spent it in one of the restaurants recommended by us. On the contrary, let us know about other places too! In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day and … Vive l’Amour!


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