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First rule: there are no rules. It's the finger food Fight Club baby! And try to figure it out!

The “food-to-taste-with-your-fingers” world seems to be expanding, like the communism in Italy during the 70s. And just like that movement is splitting up into an infinity of trends and they are usually fighting.

For some people, a fried stuffed olive (oliva all’ascolana) is part of the finger food orbit, for others, it isn’t at all. Sebastiano Rovida belongs to this second school of thoughts. He is one of the leading exponents of finger food in Italy and the protagonist of the TV program “Finger Food Factory.”

According to Rovida <<Finger food is not a “small version” of a recipe: putting a salad into a little glass doesn’t mean finger food (it’s just terrible, in my opinion): not even a tasty bite like the oliva all’ascolana can be considered so. It becomes finger food only with a dipping sauce, a little stick or a small fork so it can be easily eaten without getting your hands dirty>>.

For Rovida, presentation and the entirety of the dish are a central matter for finger food. But Rovida, as he admitted, he is obsessed with the pursuit of the perfect bite, and this is the balance he tries out in every recipe.

Rovida’s finger food, as like other chefs, represents the top of this culinary category and they use raw products, matches, and techniques that you can’t easily find in those places you usually go for happy hour.

More generally finger food tends to be fancy, this is their characteristic (so also the bite particularity can’t be put aside, even when we talk about tradition) and it has to use a presentation that allows not to get dirty, providing the use of mini-forks, edible wrapping, bamboo sticks, cones…

In foodiestrip categories, which are used to focus the review subject, finger food is meant this way. The excellence can be hardly recognized, also in those businesses and in those less ambitious preparations, the foodie will be able to evaluate the mini-dish quality, remembering also the link between this culinary category and Japanese food:

little dishes but intense, just like full courses for care and matching of raw products
originality and attention in the presentation (hygienic quality and aesthetic)
quality of products (a valid aspect for each type of cuisine)

To investigate the history, in the West and in the finger food world, keep on following us!



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