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Christmas is coming and with it the risk of gaining weight. On the other hand, it is impossible to resist dinners and meals that no longer go from December 24th to January 6th but start even before, practically from December 8th, the day of the Immaculate Conception. And it is not even fair to resist too much: social relations strengthen at the table; ideas come at the table; love is born at the table.

Of course, however, with a minimum of discipline or even just a few tricks that we will tell you about, you can avoid frustrating efforts to lose weight.

According to studies, in fact, after the holidays, 24% of the Italian population gains up to 2 kg, while 27% even 3 or 4. If we add 18% of the respondents to this group, who confessed to being fattened due to the accumulation of liquids caused by the change in diet and lifestyle, we reach 69% of the population who get fat in these few holidays.

How to avoid this caloric hecatomb? Just follow the following tips, and be aware of the fact that if you take 3/400 calories more than the daily requirement, over 5-6 days of celebration, you’re not going to gain half a kilogram of fat (especially if you move a little bit).

And this, despite the dinners or lunches of the Christmas feast, can be from 3000 to 6000 calories, with an average that gets around 4000 between breakfast with pandoro or panettone, lunch or dinner, and some toasts.

Move, move!

Transform the caloric coin into music and, in our case, into movement. Look, we’re not talking about suddenly turning into Mixed Martial Arts athletes if you are couch potatoes. During Christmas holidays, even a walk is enough, perhaps at a brisk walk (4 km / h) to burn something like three calories per minute.

So just move! The more you do it, the better. Consider, on the other hand, that 17 steps are enough to reactivate the circulation. If you are a sportsman (or semi-sportsman), get busy and don’t give up the usual training.

Do not fast

It is the most common mistake that can be made after the usual eats. With a full stomach, the first thing that will come to mind is the decision to fast. Don’t do it! You risk to be too hungry and devour whatever you find on the table, even your grandmother.

Instead, replace the fast with some vegetables or fruit with chicken breast. In short, eat something light but avoid not eating at all.

Drink a lot (water, of course…)

Water is a precious ally, mainly because it will help to digest the alcohol swallowed over the holidays. It is not proven, in fact, that water fills the stomach, and therefore you’ll eat less like it is common even among athletes or cyclists.

The anti-panettone herbal tea



Today, there are many different types of herbal teas. Try the ones you prefer, perhaps with a draining or satiating effect: they help to digest, and above all, they help you fight the desire to eat nougats, panettone, and sweet snacks.

Vary your diet

Whether you are in the North, the South, or the Center of Italy, or maybe you are reading from abroad, typical dishes can change, but it does not change the Christmas or New Year gist: you are going to eat, and a lot. So it will be important that, after the particularly rich evenings from the caloric point of view of Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and dinner, you can return to a light diet and, therefore, rich in different types of nutrients. In short, go on a diet, perhaps a low-calorie one, but of course, it should include the right mix of proteins, vegetables, and legumes.

The sweets

White nougats, chocolate nougats, hazelnuts nougats, etcetera. And then struffoli, panpepato, panettone, pandoro and so on. In short, desserts will surround you, so you will have to use a rational strategy. The first one is to avoid eating on other days and don’t even use these sweets as a snack, for which fresh or dry fruit would be indicated (about the latter do not eat it at the end of lunch but between meals).

Eat vegetables

Who eats salad at the end of New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Eve dinner? Probably no one, but it is a mistake. Try to eat it, and if you find “veg” appetizers eat them: they will help you lower the glycemic index. And then, they fill the belly without weighing on the liver (and the hips, of course).

Have a healthy breakfast

It looks incredible over the Christmas period, but it is necessary to have breakfast also during the holidays because the metabolism must be cured and pampered. Keeping the five daily meals, possibly light will allow you to burn calories more quickly (this is the purpose of metabolism). Of course, try not to keep pandoro, panettone, or nougats in the house, and if you eat it, do it as a snack, only occasionally.

Mind the glass

It’s Christmas, so it won’t be easy for you to limit the toasts. Be smart and don’t do it during the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, while trying not to overdo it during lunch or dinner.


Leave leftovers to mothers, grandmothers, mother-in-law, and aunts. Do not take them home for any reason and if you have them at home because you cooked … try to donate them, or consume them a little at a time in the following days, even if you know that these are rather heavy foods from the point of view calorie.


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