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Here are 5 cocktails that are perfect for your day at the beach.

It’s Mid-August holiday, and your friend arrives at the beach wearing a weird costume and wants you to drink his very special cocktail, a bomb made of liquors taken from his grandma house.

There’s only a way to get out of it: get drunk before his arrival, of course… drink only good stuff!

Here are 5 cocktails that are perfect for your day at the beach.

Whiskey Sour

The Whiskey Sour is back. Bourbon whiskey, lemon juice and sugar, some use to complete it with egg whites.








Piña Colada

The “drizzled pineapple” comes from Puerto Rico. This cocktail is particularly fresh, with coconut cream, pineapple juice, and rum. Probably born in the 1920s, the New York Times talks about it for the first time in 1950, attributing it to Cuba








Around 1850 the Austrians mixed the wine with seltzer. Today, the spritz is prepared with prosecco (sparkling wine), bitters, seltzer or sparkling water. It is Italians’ favorite long drink.






Legend says that the Mojito was invented by Sir Francis Drake himself in the 16th century. It seems that the cocktail was practically the same as today, with the difference that instead of the rum there was the low-quality aguardiente (unaged rum), lime, water, refined white sugar cane and a local species of mint, the hierbabuena. The modern version is the one prepared in the Bodeguita del Medio, and if you want to make it Cuban, do not crush the mint (just press it) and do not crush the ice.




Caipirinha is a cocktail from Brazil based on cachaça (a distillate from sugar cane), sugar and lime. If the barman shakes it off, just run: the caipirinha is only mixed with the stirrer.


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