Sunday, August 18, 2019
Foodiestrip World


  1. DOWNLOAD THE APP from the AppStore or Google Play. It’s free and in just a few steps it will be ready to use on your smartphone.

  2. SIGN UP entering your data and let other people recognize you with a nice photo and, of course: pick a name! The one everybody knows. So it will easier for your friends to find you!

  3. DECIDE WHO TO FOLLOW for sure you will find already people you know and if you share the same tastes, their reviews will be more useful.

  4. READY TO BECOME A FOODIE? You only need to go out and when you enter a place start the check-in. Foodiestrip knows already where you are, you will only need to click on the pencil icon and the timer will start. Don’t worry about it, it’s just a tool to make sure that you really are where you say.

  5. ENJOY THE EVENING. Foodiestrip does not force you to write your review while you are with your friends. Do it whenever you prefer.

  6. REVIEW IS EASY AND FAST. In the beginning, in fact, your review will be guided by a brief questionnaire and close-ended questions. This will allow to evaluate the most important elements of your experience and give your opinion in a fast way using standard parameters.

  7. FROM NOW ON: grow with Foodiestrip. The more you review the better your review will be and when you will be a Foodie you will be able to give your evaluations in a more articulate way.


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Ambra Del Moro
My name is Ambra Del Moro, to be fair. I hold a master's degree in Modern Languages and for ten years I've been citizen of the world as I lived in Germany, United States, Belgium and Disneyland. For the moment it seems I found my place. In the joyful Foodiestrip Republic.