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foodiestrip's journey through our questionnaires continues. Here for you the Tavern and the Trattoria

Today the two terms are synonyms. The old taverns used to serve mainly wine, maybe with something simple, perfect for absorbing a considerable quantity of liquid in the stomach. The modern equivalent of the old tavern could be the wine bar.

If the old tavern were conceived more for the after-dinner, the trattoria was a popular and low-cost restaurant, with simple and traditional dishes. Over time these two words have been confused, and today even taverns can have 3 Michelin stars just like Massimo Bottura’s Osteria.

FOODIESTRIP wants to respect the origin but always embracing the modern use of both terms. So the questionnaire (really similar for both paths) highlights the preparation of simple and traditional dishes, also enhancing those businesses that don’t want to give up on a small percentage of innovation.

Another important aspect is the price, which always has to be low (the typical cost should not be more than 35euros per person). Finally, the menu of a real trattoria should be small. Concerning the service, some questions focus on the innkeeper who can even be an unconventional and informal person, but always without being intrusive.

How FOODIESTRIP rates reviews categories:

Service 3
Ambience 3
Menu 5++
Quality/price 5

Main and specific topics:

  • Family-run business
  • Small menu
  • Tradition with a little bit of innovation
  • Seasonality
  • Territoriality


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