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Only few concepts remaining about foodiestrip, those that are linked the most to the owner/reviewer relationship, both part of a community that tends to create contrasts


Owner: the person that owns the business on foodiestrip and can use it as a business analysis and marketing tool. The community gives the owner many weapons to manage its page and the business itself. Besides the owner represents an important part of the community and does not have to suffer users’ whimsies (and this thanks to the check-in, dedicated reviews, and the evaluation method).


Page: the business page is directly managed by the owner, who can modify data, graphics interface, etc. Moreover, foodiestrip gives the owner many tools to improve the business, based on data collected through reviews. It is not possible to tamper it: it’s verified and certified.

Profile: just like with categories, both owners and foodies have to fill in a profile that will be certified by foodiestrip’s team. Profiles are essential and not only to fight against fake news: the smart review system is linked to it. Creating a full profile will give the program the chance to suggest foodies and create matching path reviews.


Ranking: for foodiestrip does not exist “the best restaurant in town.” It does exist, though, the “restaurant that best meets your tastes and needs.” This is a fundamental concept. Rankings are not conceivable: how can you compare a bar and a restaurant? And what if the best restaurant in the area serves fish and I don’t like fish? And what if in that pub the food is not great, but the beer is the best in the city? Why should I exclude it? SO, foodiestrip thinks through a machine learning: it suggests the user as if it was a friend (that’s the real meaning of the community), and helps locals to give their best, avoiding standardization.

Review: once the check-in is successfully completed, you can fill the review (questions and answers created to be specific for each category). Reviews are a tool and not the purpose: they will tell other users businesses’ strong and weak points and, and they will also help owners understand the commercial fields that need to be improved


Usability: as you can see in this glossary, foodiestrip thought about many different concepts. Both app and website are studied to be immediately used. They are easy to use, and every user will be able to use it without explanations. Those last two concepts, though, are the most important for foodiestrip: transparency and reliability. Moreover, then, a three-year project cannot be trivialized in the communication step, and we will not do it even though we can seem a bit pedantic


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Fabrizio Doremi
My name is Fabrizio Doremi and I am a mathematician. I started working as an IT consultant when I was 21, then I followed for six years the development of the project:, at age 28 I founded Wiloca, and I was responsible for the digital restyling of Gambero Rosso (an Italian guide). In this scenario I had the idea of Foodiestrip. It is reality now. Since I'm in my forties I decided it was about time to go back to school for a degree in Communication. Just in case the numbers will finish I'll always have words.