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We kick off the description of our review paths starting with the largest category, the one that every foodie will use the most: the "Restaurant"

Being smart without sacrificing the quality. Review quickly and in substance, taking into account Service, Menu, Location and Quality/Price ratio. FOODIESTRIP’s questionnaire is more than this.

They represent an attempt to re-establish a constructive dialog between the owners of food businesses and their customers.

The owners will no longer have to suffer reviews that discredit them, without even addressing the culinary aspects of their job; the app users (foodies) can develop new skills deepening the themes on which the questions are based.

The “Ristorante” review path

Based on “pie charts” used by gastronomic critics, among the 27 FOODIESTRIP category-based questionnaires, the “Ristorante” review path is of the most general interest. This happens because restaurants are the most represented food activities in Italy and around the world.

Consequently, the spectrum and the typologies of restaurants are infinite, and they are divided by target ( for tourists, young people, suitable for ceremonies, vegans, vegetarians, and so on), by food (meat, fish, veggies….), and per kind of cuisine (ethnic, fusion, traditional, molecular…). From this ample basin, we excluded places usually frequented by workers during their lunch break, those places that propose a set fixed menu, convenient prices, and serve 2 or 3 primi piatti or secondi piatti.

Moreover, due to laziness, the users choose this category even when is not the most appropriate.


Regarding the value that the FOODIESTRIP’s algorithm attributes to each aspect of the questionnaire, the choice has been to consider them almost equal, because, in a respectable restaurant, everything should be properly arranged.

Service 4

Location 4,5

Menu 5+*

Quality/Price ratio 5

Specific topics

Finally, here the topics broached through the questions of the review path. The questions are always specific, even if they remain valid for any dish sampled (here, therefore, the cause of the definition “general interest” given to this specific questionnaire):

  1. The peculiarity of dishes with regard to tradition (tradition of reference for the business or the area)
  2. Balance of flavors
  3. Dressing
  4. Presentation
  5. Ambiance and location
*The ‘+‘ depends on the number of questions dedicated to the menu. One ‘+’ means many questions, ‘++’ means in a very large number


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