Monday, January 21, 2019
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On November 30 the first version of foodiestrip App has been launched and its great innovation is the check-in. Let's have a look on the impact it is going to have on the user experience (foodie) and on fake reviews

foodiestrip is the first community in the world to accept the challenge against fake reviews. The principal weapon for users and owners is the check-in, which is patented with the Reeper system, in conjunction with a completely innovative method of reviewing and profiling .

But these are just technicalities. foodiestrip App (the first version has been launched on November 30), has been created by a group of people travel and food lovers, and two of them even own a business.

Consequently it was easy to understand user’s point of view, a foodie as we call it, or a restaurateur (owner), our first aim is to keep back fake reviews.

Concerning foodies (we will talk about the impact that the patented check-in is going to have towards owners on Friday), the interest of our developers team was to provide them with a tool where to collect information and choose the business without being afraid to be fooled .

This is why we thought about the implementation of the check-in technology that in foodiestrip has nothing to do with the one used in other Apps. For our community it represents a way to prove the real presence of the reviewer in a business, through a certified and controlled process, while for other platforms is just a declaration of being around.

The check-in can be started inside the business and its duration can change according to the type of it (we stop in bar for a quick coffee, while in the restaurant we spend more time to eat a full meal). While the check-in is active the functions of the cell phone are unchanged.

Once the procedure is over, foodies have the chance to review the business when they prefer through a review method composed by single and multiple answers, this is another strong point of the App.

Besides, users will find in their account a list with all the completed check-ins and they can be followed by other foodies. These aspects will contribute to the creation of the community and the user reliability, so reviewers will be certified reviewer and earn experience points.

The continued check-in has other innovations (non-contradictory reviews, certified profiling, smart evaluation), they have been thought to offer the maximum reliability and the context is a growing path for reviewers and owners.



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