Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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A judgment of the Court of Lecce has condemned people writing fake reviews on Tripadvisor. Important news which is not new for Foodiestrip that has been fighting the fake since the beginning

The recent events that have brought to the courtrooms’ attention (and sanction) the phenomenon of fake reviews in the food service sector is an important moment. Warning: what happened in the Apulian region is nothing particularly new or unprecedented. But it – finally – raises the lid of the Pandora’s box.
It draws the attention and gives weight to the web reputation, which is not a game or even an ephemeral gossip. Because that’s how, at least at the beginning, almost all the giants of the web have felt the phenomenon. All in all the opinion of Mr. Rossi how much do we think can count? Leaving a review or making a judgment, even fake, does not hurt anyone. Only because the person who reviewed is a Mr. Nobody. Wrong.
In the “Chinese democracy of the web” we are all “someone.” And if a crowd of “someone” leaves fake reviews the impact that this mud avalanche can have on the business can be deadly. Of course, in Italy, the English language helps. If we talk about “fake review,” apparently, we are just quoting a phenomenon.
Annoying, perhaps, but one of the many that crowd the web (like trolling, hating, etc.). But if we translate everything into Italian, we would understand that we are talking about defamation. Which is a crime. Which becomes even more serious if operated by organizations involved in this type of crime. This is why foodiestrip since we were born precisely to declare war on fake reviews, we can not but express full consensus towards this open Pandora’s box.
That will trigger a virtuous circle (from now on it is more than obvious to expect a tsunami of similar cases). Which will eventually lead the giants of the web to see (and not to underestimate) a phenomenon that has clearly got out of control and to take action in this direction. That will bring those who just play or with a clear criminal intent think that, after all, fake reviews are a “childish prank” to rethink their work. Because that “childish prank” is a crime. That can bring to nine months in prison and 8,000 euros in fines.


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