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1. Introduction
This statement shall describe the different types and treatment methods of the so-called cookies.
Users shall read the following information carefully before using the Site and giving their assent. Using this website, the User agrees to the use of cookies, as stated below, from the site and also all the web and mobile applications linked to it by this policy. If the User wants to cancel or modify its consent to the use of cookies by FoodiesTrip, he or she will be able to do it at any time following the instructions on paragraph 4 of this policy, “How to manage cookiescookie consent is your own choice!”, that can be reached in every page of the Site.


2. What are cookies
All websites use cookies in order to offer Users a better use of the sites or a better presentation of products and Services. Cookies are small pieces of text locally stored on user’s temporary browser history, (so on its computer), for a variable length of time according to the need (usually between a couple of hours and few years, except for the profiling cookie, which can last maximum 365 solar days). With cookies is possible to register information related to the user’s preferences and other technical data which allow easier and more effective use of the site itself.
FoodiesTrip uses cookies as well.
Without them, in fact, those services that the website should offer and the user’s navigation would be for sure poor.
For example, it would not be possible to understand which services are the most relevant for the user or how the user uses the site itself; besides they allow the site to remember the access information, so the user does not have to retype every time the credentials; they can be used to establish if there has been already a connection between the User’s computer and Website to point out new things.


3. Types of cookies
The website could use 4 types of cookies according to the page the user is navigating:
– Technical cookies – They are necessary for the proper functioning of the Site. They allow pages navigation, contents sharing, the storage of user’s login data and preferences making the access faster. Without these cookies, FoodiesTrip, just like many other websites, could not provide for those services that users access the site.
– Statistical and Performance cookies – This type of cookie let to know how users use the website to evaluate and improve the performance and the production of contents that best meet users’ information needs. For instance, they let to know which are the most or the least visited pages. They take into account, among other things, the number of visitors, time spent on the Site by the Users media and how they arrive there.
This way, FoodiesTrip, can understand what is working good and what can be improved, and they can make sure page loading is fast and correctly displayed. All the information collected by these cookies are anonymous and not linked to users’ personal information. To execute these functions in the website, FoodiesTrip uses third-party services which can make anonymous data, and they cannot be traced back to an individual person (so-called “single-in”).
– Profiling cookies. Advertisement – This type of cookies allow targeted advertisements. Besides they are used to limit the number of visualizations of the same advertisement/contents and to evaluate the efficacy of the advertising campaign. The customization process, as well as the advertisement contents, is not managed by FoodiesTrip, but they are operated by the third-party cookie providers (e.g., Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.). They allow FoodiesTrip to have promotional profits and they are completely managed and eventually changed by third-party. Cookies actually stored can change at any moment because of the technical strategies used by advertisers, users and their technical representatives. So instead of listing them, FoodiesTrip will list the corresponding firms authorized to publish the advertisement on the Site.
– Functional cookies and third-party profiling – In this category, we will have both cookies provided by partner companies and cookies provided by third parties that are not directly controlled or controllable. Cookies coming from FoodiesTrip’s partners enable advanced features, as well as, more information and individual features. This includes the possibility to share contents through social networks, to use video-streaming services and CDN networks where website’s contents are hosted. Those services are provided by external operators, and they have different functionalities according to the user’s relationship with the external subject (for example, a cookie provided by Facebook can have additional features if the user has a Facebook account). These cookies can give information also to other subjects that may be different from FoodiesTrip because of the navigation on the site. Among these, you can have cookies registered by those main social networks which enable the sharing of articles and the Site’s contents and to show the approval for FoodiesTrip job. Disabling these cookies prevent, among other things, contents sharing and other additional functionalities like video and audio play.


4. How to manage cookiescookie consent is your own choice!
The user has the right to choose whether to accept or not the cookies. FoodiesTrip made it always possible to intervene to prevent the setting and the reading.
It is not possible to deny the consent to the use of technical cookies, because their deactivation will make the site not usable, and to third-party cookies, for technical reasons.
FoodiesTrip will keep track of users consents through a specific technical cookie. The user can deny its permission and/or modify at any time its own options concerning the use of cookies by, following the instruction in this Cookie Policy that is linked in every page of the site. The user can access this policy in every page of the website and follow the instructions listed below can show its preferences concerning cookies. Besides shall the User has more questions about the protection of personal data, or on how FOODIESTRIP uses cookies on the Site, before using this Site, please contact our customer care by email at [email protected]
Let’s talk about how to manage cookie!
Navigating the site, after reading and accepted the brief report on privacy inside the banner – which has the links to detail privacy reports – the user agrees with this Cookie Policy.
Only after that, the site will install the cookies mentioned above, starting at the same time the collecting. In case of missing acceptance of these cookies leaving the navigation, cookies eventually registered in the browser will not be read nor used until the next site navigation. The user can modify the privacy settings in the navigation browser in order to block some kind of cookies or any kind of cookies.
In order to do it, we recommend you to read your browser guide. For an overview of the procedures used by the most common browsers, FoodiesTrip invites the user to visit the website

or the reference address of the specific browser:

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

Besides, advertising companies allow users to renounce targeted advertisements if the users want. This does not prevent cookies installation, but it stops their use and the collecting of some data from those companies. FoodiesTrip invites the user that wants to have more information about the possibility to disclaim it to visit:

In any case, users always have the chance to excise their own rights that are recognized in the art. 7 of the Privacy Code and in particular, among others, to obtain a copy of these used data, their update, origin, purpose, method of treatment, adjustment or integration, cancellation, the anonymously transformation or blocking for the treatment because of a breaching of the law and to oppose to the treatment for legitimate reason.

To exercise these rights, please contact FoodiesTrip using the addresses provided in the dedicated section of the site, or sending an e-mail at our customer service: [email protected].

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