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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

FoodiesTrip helps its users (so called foodie) to enjoy their culinary experiences, checking the review reliability and helping the sharing of them, using some technical innovations that make it the world’s most reliable community in the food-review.

In order to obtain this result, it is understood that FoodiesTrip needs to ask its foodies some information, otherwise it will not be able to reach the truth and the reliability of the service, as promised!

That’s why our privacy policy will explain the user which kind of data FoodiesTrip collect and how we use them. Using the website or the app for mobile devices, the foodie declares to have carefully read and accepted the mentioned policies that are always accessible to the user for further communications, in the proper link which can be reached in every page of the website.

Our regulations are valid for all FoodiesTrip’s brands, products and services that do not provide for a specific regulations on privacy or that send back to this policy, hereinafter called “FoodiesTrip’s services” or “Services”.

Therefore, users are asked to read periodically, also to verify updates or modification that might be necessary. FoodiesTrip will do its best to inform – through pop-ups, temporary banners or e-mails – users about variations on this policy and give them the opportunity to modify or cancel the registration to

For any further clarification, it will be possible to contact FoodiesTrip through our website or writing at: [email protected].

2. Data controller

The controller is: FoodiesTrip LLC – C.da San Giovanni, 64 – 64010 Colonnella (TE).

Besides, they will be informed of the processing or the use of personal data, always according to the instruction received by the controller and the circle of the trusted technical staff of FoodiesTrip LLC inside the working establishment and through the electronic tool used.

3. Purpose of the collecting

User’s personal data will be collected for the following purposes:

– use of website/app for mobile devices content;
– provide for procedures and services connected to the use of website/app for mobile devices;
– sending of information, commercial material and newsletter;
– surveys and anonymous statistics;
– all uses allowed by law for this purpose.

4. Procedure and place of collecting

Data processing is realized through the following modalities: computerized system and only the technical staff of the Office in charge of the processing of data have access. It uses the same protection systems to enter the network and the local access used by FoodiesTrip in defense of its know-how.

Besides personal data are treated strictly for the required period of time to reach the purpose they are collected for. Specific security measures are respected to prevent the lost of data, improper or not correct use and not allowed access.

Data processing are connected to FoodiesTrip’s services occur in the headquarter of the Society, in Colonnella (TE), C.da San Giovanni, 64, 64010.

5. What are the information we collect?

Concerning that we need to make a distinction between the data received by a registered user and data collected from a non registered user that are qualitative and quantitative different.

Furthermore we need to clarify that this distinction is valid according to the use of the web version of FoodiesTrip only, since the app for mobile devices – in order to be used – provides for registration.

  • Unregistered Users

FoodiesTrip invites its Users to register on the Site in order to use the different features. However User can decide not to register and use only those parts of the Site that do not need registration.

If the User does not register on the website, the personal data collected will be limited. The non-registered user will have limited features to use (e.g. he/she will be able to navigate on and search for restaurants/businesses near him/her). Among the collected data there are:

Navigation data

FoodiesTrip receives the IP address of the users when they use the function “search business”. Thanks to IP address, FoodiesTrip will be able to geolocate the device connected to the user in order to suggest the closest restaurants/businesses/point of interests.

These information will not be saved or stored by FoodiesTrip.

Data automatically collected – cookies

Using, users accept that a file called cookie will be sent to the hard disk of their computer.

The cookie has information that will help to trace users’ path navigation on the site, to understand if they have already connected before and, more in general, to understand how can be improved. To have more information about cookies, what kind of cookies FoodiesTrip needs to improve the level of its services and on how the user can decide to deny the sending of cookies, it is possible to see the dedicated section of cookie policy.

Besides cookie, FoodiesTrip could use technologies such as pixel tag. We are talking about small portion of text included in the web page or in the e-mail, which function is to monitor the navigation fluxes of the site and to interact with cookies in order to trace the activity of it (e.g. they are useful to understand if user has been redirected by an online advertisement or visualized on a third-party site).

  • Registered user

If users decide to register at the Site or to use the FoodiesTrip’s app, they will be allowed to add new contents: for example they can review businesses and join discussion forums. Besides they will be able to send e-mail with contents of the site to themselves of other users, in order to personalize the navigation.

The benefits of the registration will increase over the time, thanks to a better knowledge of its foodies by FoodiesTrip and the adding of new features in the site.

The registration is important in order to use what FoodiesTrip can offer!

It is essential to summarize what are the personal information that the user gives to FoodiesTrip during the registration, together with “navigation data” and “data automatically collected-cookies”, concerning also the registered user.

Data provided by user during registration

If the User decide to register, FoodiesTrip collects also other personal information in addition of the data we described above the non registered user.

Concerning the FoodiesTrip web version, these data are composed by information given by the user in the dedicated registration area: e-mail address, username (or displayed name) and password.

On the other hand, using the app for mobile devices, FoodiesTrip will acquire the e-mail address and password. Moreover, in this last case, the system will give to the new user a username randomly created that – if necessary – the user will be able to modify later.

FoodiesTrip collects and stores these information, but at the same time always defends and assures the anonymity of registered users giving them the chance to manage data and decide if they want to make them public or not.

The fields that are public and so visible to all visitors are: the “username” (or “user id”) filled during the registration process in and the profile picture (or “avatar”). It is also possible to provide other data to complete a user profile; some of them are obtained with the app use, such as check-ins and published reviews.
In particular, the user profile may include: foodie’s description, its ideal company, its favorite category, its favorite type of cuisine, check-ins and published reviews. From the user’s profile page it is also possible to know its “following” and “follower” profiles.
Only in case there is a “following” relation between users, every user will receive updates on the activities that the other does on FoodiesTrip.

It must be underlined that if the users insert their own name and last name in the user id field and choose a personal photo this could reduce the anonymity promised by FoodiesTrip, for free and conscious choice of the user. Data that can be added in the foodie’s profile card (for example, first name, middle name, surname, birth date, gender, address) are absolutely optional and, if added, are never made public.

Preference data (such as, description, ideal company, favorite category, most liked type of cuisine) are not compulsory. However, in case this information will be added by the foodie in its own profile they will be public.

Personal data visible to registered user’s “friends”, owners and public

No personal data is visible to subjects that are different from FoodiesTrip as long as the user – after downloading the app and the registration process, or after registration on the desktop version – just make use of the map, searching for restaurants/businesses nearby.

Only when the foodie makes the so called check-in, on the page of the visited business the symbol of the check-in, the profile picture of the foodie, the user name (user id or displayed name), date and time of the check-in will be published.

At this point, users can – if they want – publish a review of the business where the check-in has been done. Also this, once is completed, will be published.

Moreover, the user can choose to take a photo inside a business as a check-in prove. In fact, a photo can provide FoodiesTrip the exact coordinates of the place where it is taken and if those match with the business’ coordinates, the user will not have to wait the check-in to be over for the authentication, speeding up the process.

The pictures taken (or uploaded from the personal gallery) will appear on the user profile, or on the one of the concerned business, and on the list of the recent activities of each user (visible only to its followers).

In the not desirable case there are obscene or inappropriate pictures, those will be immediately removed by FoodiesTrip, thanks to the dedicated prevention filters that have been prearranged and to the user’s report. Users can, in fact, report if a photo is inappropriate by clicking on the symbol of the three horizontal points, on the photo; an e-mail will be automatically sent to FoodiesTrip who will proceed in resolving the problem.

Once the check-in is completed the user – if he wants – can post a review of the business where he checked in. Also the review, once is completed, will be a public information and if there will be inappropriate, or abusive contents can be reported by other users and can be removed by FoodiesTrip with the same procedure used for the photos.

The photos taken will appear on the user profile and on the concerned business profile. FoodiesTrip has a preventive filter that prevent obscene or inappropriate photos to be published.

User’s geolocation data

Some services available on the site or the app related to it use position information and in order to function they need to know the user position.

Every time the user uses these services, FoodiesTrip acquires information on the mobile device or the user’s browser, in order to maximize the service and personalizing it according to the position of the user. For example, it could show a list of places, friends and suggestions nearby.

These information will not be published. The position will be published only when the user decides to check in and the dedicated symbol will be on the page of the restaurant/business. Before that moment, besides FoodiesTrip, only another subject knows the position where the user searched for restaurant/business: the owner of the restaurant/business that has been searched. In fact, the owner receives in an anonymous and aggregate way, with a heatmap, the indication of the areas where the different devices searched for the business or the business’ page has been viewed.

Moreover, it is possible to enable the “background position” feature of the mobile device. This allows FoodiesTrip to provide additional services, included the notifications of comments, friends and interesting events near the user. If the user decides to enable the “background position”, the FoodiesTrip app will collect the device position, even if the user does not directly interact with the application itself, which will be background.

However, even in this case, the data of the user position will be published when and if the user will decide in a proactive way to check-in, through the mobile while inside the restaurant/business.

Data provided by third party partners or collected through websites and apps using our services

If Users connect to the Site through a website managed by eventually FoodiesTrip future partners, and users are already registered on the partner’s website, FoodiesTrip will receive some of those data provided by the user to the partner. We invite therefore the user to read the privacy policy on the partner website, in order to know which data have been collected on that sire and which use is done by the partner. In any case, independently from the nature of the data given to FoodiesTrip, these information will not be stored by FoodiesTrip, unless the user will not register on

FoodiesTrip website could use links to third party websites. If the user access other websites through links provided on the Site, the operators of those websites could collect and use user’s information in accordance with its own privacy policy that may differ form FoodiesTrip’s privacy policy. We suggest therefore to read the privacy policy of third-party websites, in order to understand the collecting, processing, spreading procedures of personal information adopted.

FoodiesTrip would like to interact in the Site with social networks, using tools available. These tools, in fact, can increase functionalities and offer services to users and they make the registration, log-in and log-out operations easier on the platform. The user that uses these tools will subscribe and accept the rules on the privacy and the Terms of use published on the websites concerned. To make it clearer: FoodiesTrip could use some Facebook’s tools in order to make the registration process easier on the Site and provide for a personalized navigation of the Site to Facebook’s members. If users have activated the function to personalize the settings on the Facebook’s privacy and they are connected to Facebook, the customization of will be automatic when they connect to the site, even if it is the first visit!

At the moment FoodiesTrip has not signed any partnership yet, it does not use services of other websites/integration with social network, therefore the data described above are not collected/treated right now but they will be in the short period as they are necessary to maximize’s features and, consequently, to improve foodies’ experience..

6. Marketing

FoodiesTrip could use user’s e-mail address, which has been obtained during registration, to periodically contact him/her in order to send news, for important information about FoodiesTrip or ask for an evaluation of the site.

In addition to this kind of communications, the user can be contacted through e-mail and/or telephone for commercial/promotional/advertisement purposes, as well as for market researches, always after specific, preventive, free and optional consent.

If you do not want us to use your data for this purpose, you can at any time modify your consent concerning the sending of this kind of contact from FoodiesTrip accessing the link you can find at the bottom of every e-mail received.

In any case, if the user wants to unsubscribe to communications for commercial purposes but he/she is not able to do it, can always contact the FoodiesTrip customer service team at the email: [email protected].

7. Optional data

Except navigation data and data asked during the registration (username or user id or displayed name, e-mail address, profile picture and password) – without which could not work properly and so they are central information of so called “mandatory field” – for other data the user is always free to provide or not for further personal information.

Also concerning compulsory data, FoodiesTrip reminds its foodies that they always have the possibility to choose a default profile picture and a username randomly created by the system.

It is understood that according to the amount/quality of personal data given and/or cookies accepted, the services provided by FoodiesTrip can be more or less performing.

An excessive reduction of the amount/quality of the data given could bring to an unsatisfactory experience for the user and to prejudice for FoodiesTrip that has as purpose the audacious aim to fight fake reviews and for this purpose needs some information and without them could not verify the users’ reliability.

8. Users’ rights. Keeping, removal and modification of the information. Account removal

FoodiesTrip stores personal data obtained for the needed time to provide its users for its services.

Users can have access and edit personal information provided during registration process, just entering the their own user profile. They can also have access to personal information and exercise their rights contacting the customer service team at the e-mail address: [email protected].

Information associated to user’s account will be stored until the account cancellation or even before it if FoodiesTrip does not need them to provide for products or services.

Users can at any time exercise their rights towards the controller according to art. 7 Italian Decree 196/2003 and in particular:

– the user has the right to have confirmation of the existence or not of personal data about him/her, even if not registered yet, and their communication in a clear way;

– the user has the right to have information about the origin of personal data, purposes and modality of the process, about the logic that is applied in case of a process done with the help of electronic tools, on information about data controller and supervisor;

– the user has the right to oppose, completely or partially, for a valid reason to the process of personal data;
– the user has the right to have the update of his/her own data, the modification or the integration of data when needed; user has also the right to cancellation, anonymous modification and blocking of personal data processed if breaching of law happens, included those that do not have to be stored for the purposes of the collecting or processing.

The user also has the right to cancel the account.

For this purpose, it is necessary to contact FoodiesTrip customer service using the contacts published on the site or sending an e-mail at [email protected]. FoodiesTrip will send to the user an e-mail to confirm the cancellation request.

Once received the confirmation, FoodiesTrip will cancel from its database the information about the user. It can happen that some of these information could be active in the archives a little longer for technical reasons, but FoodiesTrip’s purpose is to cancel with no delay any kind of information about the user that has chosen to cancel the profile.

9. Implemented security measures

FoodiesTrip has implemented security procedures to protect personal information stored in its system.

Personal information are accessible only to technical staff that has to use them besides FoodiesTrip uses also processes – such as password hashing or the log off of inactive sessions – to protect these information from not authorized access.

Furthermore, the platform uses firewalls to avoid other people to have access to user’s information and cryptography (we use the https protocol and the so called token technology to establish connections between devices and server).

10. Minors’ privacy

FoodiesTrip offers services to generic public, among them there are families. Anyway FoodiesTrip does not provide services to children. FoodiesTrip cannot and does not want to collect kids’ personal data.

Users, using the website and the app for mobile devices, accept this policy and declare to be eighteen years old or to have reached the legal age of majority fixed by local and national laws of the country where they use to live (or from they access the Site). In case FoodiesTrip understands to receive personal information from a minor, these information will be immediately destroyed.

FoodiesTrip invites parents to explain their own children the rules to follow for a safe use of the Internet and invites to a bigger control concerning app for mobile devices, that can be easily downloaded by a child in the dedicated app-stores.

11. Changing to this privacy policy

FoodiesTrip could modify this policy if necessary. In case these modifications have an impact on the User’s collected data, we will do our best – through pop-up messages, temporary banners or e-mail – to inform users on the variations and give them the possibility to modify or cancel their registration.



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