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Friday, October 30, 2020


Art. 1. Scope of application.

These general terms and conditions are applied to the use of all services offered by Foodiestrip Srl, free of charge or for valuable consideration unless otherwise provided by the parties, both towards Users and Customers.

Art. 2. Definitions.

Foodiestrip S.r.l. is the Company that offers services. Based in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP), Via del Lavoro, 24, social security number and Vat. ID 01975940675. The “Customer” is the company or individual company that uses the services offered, free of charge or for valuable consideration, by Foodiestrip S.r.l. The “Users” are individuals who use the “Foodiestrip” application or its website.

Art. 3. Conclusion of the contract.

The Contract between the Customer and Foodiestrip S.r.l.  is concluded when the latter, following receipt of the order by the Customer, proceeds to activate the service. The activation of the service, which will take place only after receiving the payment, is communicated to the Customer by e-mail.
By using the website or the App, the Customer and the Users accept these general terms and conditions.
By using the website or the App, the User declares that he/she has full ability to act according to the legislation of his/her state of residence, with reference to the subject matter of this contract.

Art. 4. Object of the services.

Foodiestrisp S.r.l. manages and provide to users and customers an application, usable via web and smartphone, called “Foodiestrip” that allows users to evaluate and review their experience in businesses, such as restaurants, pizza places, bars, etc., related to the world of catering, as well as in some cases to make reservations and to place orders for home delivery. Concerning Customers, the business owners, Foodiestrip S.r.l. provides both free services and paid services.

Also regarding paid services, Foodiestrip S.r.l. is obliged only to make available the platform and the services themselves, without responding in any way to the use of the platform by users. In particular, the Customer is expressly informed that the usefulness of the services made available, both free and paid, depends on the use of the application by the users of this Foodiestrip S.r.l. cannot in any way answer.

The Customer can not purchase the services offered by Foodiestrip S.r.l. to resell them in favor of third parties, or to transfer data and information from the site or the App to third parties, whether for payment or free of charge. The intellectual property rights, trademarks, and technological solutions related to the services are and remain the property of Foodiestrip S.r.l. if the ownership by third parties is not expressly indicated. The Customer and the Users guarantee, for themselves and the users, that they will not copy, decompile, disassemble, modify, rent, lease, and/or borrow, distribute or transmit the software components constituting the Services.

Art. 5. Operating guarantees and limitations of liability.

Foodiestrip S.r.l. guarantees that its applications will be functional and available, on an annual basis, for no less than 95% of the time. Foodiestrip S.r.l. is not liable for damages and is not liable for any reimbursement where, for facts not attributable to it (interruption of internet services, interruptions of electricity, etc.), the Customer can not use the services offered.

Foodiestrip S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for the services offered to customers and users free of charge, reserving, inter alia, the possibility of discontinuing these services at any time, to change the content at its discretion or requesting payments to allow their further use.

The Customer and the Users declare to be aware of and accept the hardware and software prerequisites that have been described to him during the illustration of the offer or activation of the app. The Customer and the Users will also personally provide their personal computers or devices with the basic software necessary for the use of the service. The Customer and the Users are responsible for the correct configuration of their hardware and installation of the preparatory software for the use of the service. The Customer and the Users will make use of the service through an Internet connection which must be provided through a separate subscription with a telecommunications operator, which guarantees a suitable bandwidth. The Customer and the Users, therefore, assume all responsibility for any non-correspondence of the connectivity to the necessary technical characteristics and any malfunctions or the non-use of the services resulting from there. The same is also required to bear on their own each cost.

FoodiesTrip S.r.l. will use reasonable diligence and expertise in providing its services to Users and in keeping them in a safe, secure and error-free environment, but does not guarantee that the services will always work without interruptions, delays or imperfections. Foodiestrip S.r.l. will in no case be liable in case of: losses not caused by the violation of these conditions by the same or by other own actions malicious or grossly negligent; losses that are not reasonably foreseeable by the Company or by the User at the time these conditions are signed; any offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illicit or otherwise deplorable content published by others using services offered by the Company and events beyond the reasonable control of the latter.

Art. 6. Use of the platform by the Users.

Limitations of responsibility. Foodiestrip S.r.l. does not by any means guarantee that the Users and the Customers will effectively use the application in significant numbers. Foodiestrip S.r.l. is not in any way responsible for the content of the evaluations expressed by the Users, limiting itself to verifying that the User, at the moment in which he makes these evaluations, is in the business or near the business.

Foodiestrip S.r.l. undertakes to remove, at the request of the Customer or other Users, inappropriate content, meaning only the offensive content, contrary to public policy or morality, within three days of the request, which must be sent, properly documented, to the address [email protected]

Users are obliged: to communicate personal and identification data that is truthful and consistent with their actual personal identity; not to create more than one personal account; not to transfer his own account to third parties, for consideration or free of charge; not to allow third parties access to their account, and not to share authentication credentials with third parties; to use the services in good faith, with fairness towards FoodiesTrip S.r.l., of other Customers and Users; to use the account only for personal purposes; not to use the review and comment tools as a tool to promote, for a fee or free of charge, his own or the other’s commercial and / or entrepreneurial activity; not to use the tools of review and comment as a tool to damage the other commercial and / or business activity, or the other commercial reputation; in any case not to convey any comments or contents contrary to public order, good customs or defamers of the other’s reputation and/or commercial image; not to convey comments or contents contrary to the law, deceptive, discriminatory, fraudulent or otherwise damaging to third parties’ rights.

Customers are subject to the same obligations, without prejudice to the use for business and professional purposes of the services offered free of charge or onerous.

Users and Customers will be responsible, also towards FoodiesTrip S.r.l. of any violation of the obligations referred to in the preceding paragraphs.

Art. 7. Withdrawal.

Each of the parties may, at any time, withdraw from the services offered free of charge. In particular, FoodiesTrip S.r.l. reserves the unquestionable right to discontinue the service to one or more Users. In any case, the service will be interrupted in case of violation of the obligations referred to in the previous article.

Art. 8. Personal data.

All users’ personal data are collected by Foodiestrip S.r.l. with the informed consent of the interested parties, in compliance with national and European legislation. The data are presented to Customers anonymously and are not in any way transferred to the customers themselves by Foodiestrip S.r.l. The privacy policy is available on the website www.foodiestrip.it.

The personal data of users provided for reservations and orders, essential for the performance of the related services, are communicated to the Customers (merchants) merchants concerned. These data can be transferred to Customers and third parties, free of charge or for a fee.

Art. 9. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

The website of FoodiesTrip S.r.l. and the App are created and managed by Foodiestrip S.r.l. from their offices in Italy. By accessing the Site and the App, using or posting on them, the User and the Customer expressly agree that all disputes, legal actions, or other matters arising from or related to the use of this site shall be subject to the Italian law. The User and the Clients also accept that any action against FoodiesTrip S.r.l., deriving or connected to the use of the site or the App is attributed to the jurisdiction of the Italian judge.


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