Tuesday, October 20, 2020


How to cleanse with a cocktail? You can do it with a mocktail

“Mock” means imitate or mimic, so mocktails are non-alcoholic cocktails simulated by the bartender’s skills that replace the alcohol in their creations.

Mocktails are non-alcoholic creations coming from the best barman’s fantasy (don’t trust your cousin that stands in a pro or the bartender trying to be the new Jerry Thomas), they mix fruit juices, soft drinks, and syrups.

The fruit is clearly the main ingredient, and thanks to the creator’s fantasy can even simulate the alcohol. In fact, sad to say for teetotals and health fanatics, the alcohol makes the matching with food particularly pleasant thanks to its warm sensation, pastiness, fullness, and sourness.

For this reason, the best bartenders are also able to simulate the strong smell using new elements, maybe rediscovered after years of decline, such as hot pepper, seaweed, and aromatic herbs.

Ginger, for example, it is not only good for our health and depurative, but it is also the ingredient of a drink – a mocktail before its actual invention in 2015 – created by the starred Chef Moreno Cedroni on the occasion of the Road Safety Week organized by the Michelin Guide three years ago.

So, mocktails represent a new frontier for the bartending, that seems to have developed in a kind of reverse side of the prohibition: no more moralistic laws, but ethical trends; no more illegal alcohol produced in dark cellars but “cellars” that banned the legal drinking.

But more than a simple new food trend, mocktail can be seen a good habit, for tasting preparations that require high quality bartending and for the tremendous problems the alcohol create during crazy nights.


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