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January, we all have been waiting for this month just to know what we will eat in 2019. Here are the worst and absurd food trends of the year that has just started

It’s January and everywhere articles about the 2019 food trends. Here, let’s see what the worst ones of the year are. What would January be without the usual flash in the pan? (Hey, just kidding!)

The charcoal activated vegan croissant

And here we go again. Someone had tried in 2018, and they are trying still. After the explosion that lasted one season, that of charcoal bread, here they are: the charcoal activated vegan croissant. You can find all kinds of them. If you need some other croissants that stand around after breakfast in the morning, you have found what you are looking for.

The Kombucha

The first time I heard about Kombucha was in a boxing program. The question answered was: what to eat during training? Now, among the many useful tips, there was also the one concerning the Kombucha. I admit it: I had never heard of it before. I do not doubt that it is good for your health (there are also those who say the opposite), but I let you judge the taste, even though there is those even Cayenne pepper flavored (the Kombucha develops through a mushroom). And above all, despite the first opening of a Kombucha bar in Bolzano, it is not easy to find it. What is Kombucha? A sort of Russian kvass made with tea. Born in China, it developed above all in Russia and Ukraine.

Provencal chickpeas

Cultivated on provencal volcanic soils, provencal chickpeas, etc., etc., etc. “But, please, think about the territory,” says the wise man who does not know how good the provencal chickpeas are.

The Kasha

Clearly, we are discovering Russia, although the wall fell precisely 30 years ago, in ’89 (now that I think about it, who knows if this is not the reason). Suddenly we took cars and planes and voilà! There is Russia! Those who read the great Russians like Tolstoy or Dostoevsky would have heard of the kasha many times. It was the dish par excellence of the poor or, in the case of Dostoevsky, of the many penniless university students like Raskolnikov. It is used for rituals and parties. Basically, it is a buckwheat porridge used in Russia since 1100. We don’t even eat the English porridge! Imagine the Russian one …

Cocktails and ice creams with the most absurd stuff inside

The beets stood there, sad and limp. The radish, “red outside and white inside.” Then, the idea of the liberal and progressive cook: to restore dignity to those products that the market, this cynical market that has no vegetables, had taken away. And here all the ice creams and cocktails with appalling stuff inside … But, what if we just keep on eating our dear old food?


Photos:, Simon A. Eugster


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