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Seven aspects should not be underestimate when choosing the position of the business

We have already talked about the importance of the ambience, structure and interior design. Now we will clarify the criteria to follow in order to choose the perfect place for your business.

1. Every place has its own business. It is better not to open a sushi bar in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Every area has a different kind of business.
2. Is your business in full view? It is clear that being in highly visited area makes your job easier, unless you want to create an exclusive place. In this specific case being not visible can help. Same thing for starred restaurants. If you own a fast food, on the contrary, you should be visible.
3. Your business has to be accessible. If the location is not easy to reach, customers will not come back to you easily.
4. Also parking lots are important. If you have few places available, it won’t help you: customers don’t want to drive around for hours before having dinner.
5. Be careful where you are going to open your business: a bar in a not safe area could end up in being visited by untrustworthy people and the target you had in mind at the beginning will not feel comfortable.
6. How does the building look like? The aspect is important and if the building is not well-kept your image will be ruined
7. Try to open your business in a place where you don’t have many competitors. Or learn how to use marketing tools and how to manage them.

These are the aspects you need to keep in mind when you choose the location of any kind of business. In the next article we will talk about the importance of interior design.


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