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Do you own a restaurant or bar and want to organize a thrilling Halloween night? Here's how to make sure that your customers will have fun, eat, drink and remember you

Whether you like it or not, the Halloween party is part of the Italian imagination and, thanks to the free day on November 1, is celebrated almost by everyone, from young people to families.

Therefore, for October 31st, it is essential to know how to attract as many clients as possible to impress the customers and to measure up with your competitors.

So it could be of great help to organize a theme party for Halloween, whether you own a bar or a restaurant or a pub.

Let’s see how and what aspects to take care of in the organization and decoration of your business for a “witches’ night” to remember.

Halloween begins way before October 31st

Already before Halloween, it will be necessary to advertise the evening in the most diverse ways, from the posters in your business to a small campaign on different social media.

Your own business, then, must be the first testimonial of what will happen on October 31st. As a consequence, the exterior must already be decorated to attract people.

The setting for the whole period and the night of Halloween

Of course, every type of business has to do it in its own way, in line with the spirit of the owner and the target. In the case that we address to those that we have defined in foodiestrip as “food lovers,” that is the Concessive/Gourmet customer, we can recall the most classic iconography of Halloween, without even exaggerating. If the type of customer is more demanding, however, it will be good to be more refined and original in the choice of decorations. Plus: if you own an ethnic restaurant, for example, you should link the party to the cuisine of your country (each country has its own day of the dead).

Let’s go back to the exterior setting, use lights (it’s October 31st, days are shorter now and night will arrive early) and do not forget the classic pumpkin to ensure that the party is immediately recognizable.

What matters is that there is uniformity and the atmosphere of Halloween is recalled in every aspect right down to the smallest detail.

There are plenty of decorations. From the smallest to many different kinds of skeletons, in recent years the animated ones are very much appreciated. Note: avoid the fences! The wadding is not snow nor a “particularly heavy” spider web. Also, do not exaggerate: even on Halloween too strong decorations may impress and disturb some people.

The look of the staff for Halloween

Yes, rather exaggerate with decorations, perhaps it is better to ask the staff to wear some masks (for a little, of course: imagine a waiter with a huge rubber mask on their heads for hours?). If it is a themed party, make sure that your collaborators follow it with their costumes.

Is Halloween a costume party?

It could be but should not be an obligation unless you are a club or a disco that has decided to create a particularly exclusive event. Many, in fact, do not like disguises or have no time or desire to dress: excluding them from the evening could create economic damage. For those who want to dress up, however, also use your Facebook page to advise where and how to buy costumes.

Happy hour and Halloween finger food

We do not recommend serving dishes like this. That said, you can have fun with countless recipes and finger food to serve for happy-hour or as a snack on the long night of Halloween. There really are all sorts of them, and the preparation does not take much time. Some food colorings or if you cut oranges and lemons in the appropriate way, you can theme your cocktails, while the finger food can be customized with flags and sugar (by the way, you can easily order and buy sandwiches and Halloween-style cupcakes). Finally, do not underestimate the pineapple that in the night of witches can be used just like the most famous pumpkin: it can be transformed into “Halloween pumpkin,” use its contents for cocktails or for fruit snacks and the rind for decorations.

Watch out, though: always remember that pumpkin remains the protagonist also in food.

Halloween shows

From the concert to the performance of a mentalist, from the illusionist to the fake and ironic seances, the events to be organized on Halloween night are many. Moreover, they will allow you to offer further services and attract more customers.

In conclusion, do not be lazy and get busy. Halloween in Italy is a pagan party, and therefore people go out and spend money. The offer over the years has become massive and varied, so you will need to keep up, be competitive in the market and take advantage of the desire that Italians have to party.


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