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While planning the kitchen it is not always easy to combine the respect of food hygiene legislation and the actual use of it. It happens often that restaurants or bar are located in a central area of the city, where the history of the buildings force the architect to test new solutions. One thing is sure though: planning a restaurant starts from the kitchen

An improperly designed kitchen can cause disruption at the customers and frustration at the staff who is diverted in different directions.

It is recommended to design the kitchen with the chef and the architect: the first one will be able to define what is necessary inside the place, meanwhile the latter will have the required means to organize the room.

The initial appraisals of the architect will be:
– which kind of kitchen to plan according to the use (pizzeria, restaurant, etc.)
– plumbing and flue placement
– type of cooking

The chef instead will supervise the organization of the paths and the different areas disposition (plumbing, pantry, washing, preparation, cooking, waiting service), knowing that clean/dirty lines must never cross.

The “Clean line” will start from raw material waste, then move on the cold-storage rooms (or in containers with a lid if space is missing). Later the goods will be clean and washed, in the end, they will be prepared and cooked.

The “Dirty line” should have a standing area for the dishes (don’t forget the allocation of the trash, you should think of specific hopper) with a sink and dishwasher, and plumbing line system for it.

Each step must be fast, so the lab should be comfortable, and the preparation areas must be easily recognizable.

A kitchen like this is going to be around 15 square meters (with 3-4 workers inside).
We are clearly talking about small dimensions. If, for example, the restaurant also has the pizza station the kitchen must be bigger.

In the next article, we are going to talk about the equipment a lab should have and how to manage them. Stay tuned!


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