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We’ve already talked about the functional kitchen layout. In this article we are going to go through the equipment to consider and the set up. Given the introduction and the generic nature of this article, it is not going to take into consideration specific kitchen, but we are going to talk about equipment that every restaurant should have.

During the preparation, in order to coordinate at the best the different steps, the equipment has to be arranged according the clean/dirty flow, that we have already talked about, and they have to show common features: standard dimensions, easy to slot in and combination of use.
Those three characteristics meet specific needs. Standard dimensions are related to an average person and if it is easy to slot in will be faster to clean. Matching the equipment according to production will make the usage easier.

The equipment can be seen in 4 functional groups:
– washing and prep.
– meal cooking
– service
– storage

The washing and prep machines are:
Tables, sinks and automatic machines. We are not going to talk about automatic machines because every laboratory (bakeries, kitchen for meat or fish….) has different kind of equipment.

Stainless steel work tables with under-shelves and sliding doors to store the set of knives and dishes. Around every prep zone it will be better to plan a space (depending on the kitchen it can be either small or big) to facilitate the staff movements.

The cooking zone sinks are different and they can have different measures, the whole washing area is called plonge.

In the next article we are going to talk about kitchen service, cooking and storage zone.


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