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In this Coronavirus phase, restaurants, and catering entrepreneurs who rely on food delivery increase. Let's see what's going on

According to Coldiretti, the reopening of restaurants in Phase 2 is worth something like 20 billion. Of these, most will be the prerogative of those who have arranged the delivery service (as underlined by Alessandro Vinci on Corriere della Sera, the little ones are the favorites). In fact, in Phase 2, we will have to get used to deliveries and takeaways, since safety regulations will be stringent.

Food delivery, in the last month, had undergone a sharp surge with weekly increases of 25% on average, which had led to a rise in turnover, which was already growing before the virus and was worth 350 million euros.

Since the beginning of the emergency, consumers have significantly increased their use of the internet to order at home, and even those who have never tried it have done so.

In this context, foodiestrip (contact us at [email protected] for info about delivery) has received various requests from those who have understood how important it is to innovate and support their business with home deliveries.

Besides, both large and small have entrusted the delivery. Let’s see some cases.

Fair food delivery

Order dinner at home and, at the same time, do something good to others, during the Coronavirus emergency. In essence, it is the fantastic idea born in Turin with the initiative of Off Topic, the cultural hub of Torino Youth Center, in partnership with Cordinamento Torino Pride.

A shopping package will be delivered to those who need it whenever another customer orders a menu of drinks only.

Off Delivery is a project with which Off Topic, “in line with its role as the cultural center of the City of Turin, intends to make a concrete contribution to meet the food needs caused by the Covid19 emergency“.

From Thursday to Sunday, therefore, you can order dinner at the Off Topic Bistro and receive it at home. For each order, on Sunday, a package with various food items will be delivered to people indicated by the Cordinamento Torino Pride.

The aim – say the promoters – is to take a small step towards a new way of understanding one’s work and towards a new model of society and to create a virtuous system that can transform Off Topic into a pole of solidarity.”

Starred food delivery

Waiting for post-emergency Covid Phase 2, which will take place around May 18 for bars, restaurants, and catering activities, many Italian haute cuisine chefs, are experimenting with the signature delivery, home delivery of unique dishes.

In Rome, Il Convivio Troiani started with excellent results to the point that, as the chef of the Michelin-starred bio restaurant Angelo Troiani announces, the “menu” ready or to be completed at home from today also is delivered on the weekend “with effective pasteurization and packaging techniques that do not endanger the quality and healthiness of the product.” “We want to make ourselves useful and stay close to customers, trying – reiterates Troiani to the Ansa – to convey joy and positivity with our dishes, for a different moment in the monotony of quarantine. We also take care of the pairings by offering a discount of 30% on wines on the online menu, and we do not leave our friends alone in the kitchen: we are there every day until late for information or support in the creation of the dishes”.

The same goes for Niko Romito, from the Abruzzo region: always in the capital, Spazio Niko Romito Bar e Cucina delivers whole fried chicken, the vignarola, the artichokes alla giudìa and the bombe calde of his bistro-bakery in Piazza Verdi.

But the same happens in Novara with Gianpiero Cravero and in Senigallia with Moreno Cedroni. Everyone, coincidentally, organized themselves, as the tool created by foodiestrip for deliveries allows you to do.

But the list of starred ones that decided to use the delivery is long: Cracco, Bottura, Antonia Klugmann, Alajmo …

Campania starts with deliveries. Tuscany approves takeaway

The volcanic De Luca, president of the Campania Region, finally started the deliveries, although there are still doubts about the times when they are allowed.

There will be strict rules on sanitization and service hours: bars and patisseries will be able to work between 7 am and 2 pm; restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, and groceries; however, only from 4 pm to 10 pm, by ordering online or by telephone.

Tuscany, meanwhile, has given its consent to take away. From today, customers will be able to pick up orders directly from the restaurants.

In short, we don’t want to say that glistens is not gold: some places may struggle to organize the delivery, and many delivery companies ask for up to 25% of the receipt price for their help. Still, delivery remains the best means of subsistence for restaurants in the Coronavirus era. Furthermore, with foodiestrip delivery, you save significantly (contact us at [email protected] for more information).


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