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Within the target study, 4 types of customers were defined. In this article, we will dedicate our attention to the first one: the Concessive/Foodie

Various scholars have made the subdivision of the clients and all have given their name to the defined categories. We have decided to follow the name given by GFK-Eurisko Sinottica of the GFK Group.

In this first article, we will describe the profile of the Concessive/Foodie


14.1% of the Italian population, 7 million people

The Concessive /Foodie is a traditionalist who has developed his own and well-defined tastes: he will hardly change them experimenting. He has no needs for virtuosity in the kitchen. His food pleasure derives from nutritious dishes, abundant in quantity and simple or conventional in combinations. Little or no attention at all to the nutritional qualities or aesthetic refinement of the presentations.


The profile mainly includes men, of whom 60% are over 45 years old. The level of education of the Concessive/Foodie is modest and most of them perform manual tasks at work.


This profile is free from trendy conditions. The Concessive/Foodie does not even care about health trends and has no nutritional anxieties. His behavioral patterns are not imposed from the outside, and he is not very familiar with the many TV programs that deal with food. His pleasure at the table is based more on quantity than on the refinement of flavors. Besides, he usually eats a complete meal and avoids snacks. The consumption of conventional and traditional products is very high. Of the 4 types of customer, the Concessive/Foodie is the one that consumes the most significant amount of wine, pasta, bread, cheese, meats, and cured meats. In short, we are talking about a traditionalist, very tied to the territorial diet. Good food and conviviality are the most important aspects. No frills or oversights: the Concessive / Foodie cares about the substance!


  • He hardly goes to the restaurant and when he does usually choose a simple, accessible, informal and affordable cuisine. No food experimentation
  • It is the typical ‘Trattoria’ or family-run restaurant customer. He prefers verified businesses that he already knows, with no surprises in the menu. Do not pay much attention to the location and food plating.

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