Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Let's continue with the target study of the second profile: the Experimenter/Gourmand

It is essential to divide the target as each customer belong to a macro-category: knowing it, it will allow you to understand what to propose to your clients
Today we are going to talk about what the GFK-Eurisko Sinottica defines as the Experimenter/Gourmand (from now on we will use the abbreviation EG). This profile is well illustrated in the Italian book “La ristorazione” (The Food Service Market), Le Bussole.
10,7% of the Italian population, 5,4 million people
It is a profile that is mostly attracted by modernity and, therefore, the experimentation. They love the haute-cuisine and food habits that do not usually belong to them.
Unlike the Edoardo Raspini’s image (one of the best Italian food critic with Valerio Visintin) most of the EGs are women, while more than 50% have an age ranging from 25 to 44 years.  The average level of schooling is high, and most of them are white-collar workers, mainly living in the North and metropolitan areas.
The relationship of the Experimenter/Gourmand with food is very tight, and their attention to it is very high. It is a curious customer concerning the novelties and passionate about cooking, especially in its refined version. For them, food represents not only a nutritive area but has important cultural and social implications. Their interest in novelties in the gastronomic field mixes with the search for new preparations, presentations, and recipes. However, they are always attentive to the supply chain path and the local and traditional cuisines.
– For the EG, food as a mix of conviviality, relationship, and fun. As a result, for this target, the food service market is ‘entertainment’, experience and creation of memories
This type of profile concentrates most of food and wine fairs, typical and refined restaurants, all activities that refine the taste and raise the expectations

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